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1. Raynolds

The Raynolds Addition, just west of downtown, has long been a favorite walking destination for both residents and nearby downtown workers.

2. West Park

West Park is a tiny residential area near downtown sandwiched between the Albuquerque County Club, historic Route 66 and the Rio Grande.

3. Pat Hurley

Though just across the river from Old Town and a short bus ride from downtown, the Pat Hurley neighborhood sometimes seems a world away, with its fields, gardens, irrigation ditches, and narrow winding roads.

4. Duranes

Duranes is bounded by Rio Grande Boulevard and the Rio Grande River, just north of I-40 and Old Town.

5. Nob Hill

Nob Hill is one of Albuquerque’s favorite neighborhood shopping and restaurant districts. Discover the vibrant, ever-changing commercial corridor of small local businesses along Central Avenue and surrounding residential neighborhoods.

6. The Vista Larga Historic District

The Vista Larga Historic District on Albuquerque’s East Mesa was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and State Register of Cultural Properties in 2016, and is viewed as the first Mid-Century Modern historic district in New Mexico. Within the district and the greater Vista Larga Addition is one of the best collections of mid-century residential architectural styles in the city.