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Come Early and Stay Late

Convention delegates coming to Albuquerque for the first-time, or lucky enough to be enjoying a return-trip, will find rest, relaxation, and renewal in a mini-vacation on either end of a conference or meeting.

Come a day early, or stay a day late to experience the premier culture and heritage destination of the Southwest, to take a life-changing balloon ride anytime of the year, to revel in the environmental heritage of hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, and extremely affordable golfing on four different course types including: mountain, parkland and high desert.

Having saved money during the conference, delegates shouldn’t miss the opportunity to purchase art, jewelry, textiles, leather, tin and pottery from local galleries, museum shops, Pueblo and New Mexican artisans. Continue to enjoy the local restaurants, and local flavors of New Mexican cuisine, or have a romantic dinner for two at one of the many upscale dining establishments. Hoping to unwind after a days worth of invigorating activities, both local spas and spa hotels are available with a range of vacation treatments for body, mind and spirit. 

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