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BET & Site Inspection Tour

Buyer Education Tour

Site Inspection Tour

Buyer Education Tour

Several times a year, Visit Albuquerque invites qualified customers to tour the destination, with the intent that these customers will include Albuquerque in BETtheir future planning.


These customers might be travel writers, meeting planners, group tour operators or photographers who could bring potential business to our destination.

Buyer Education Trips for meeting planners, or Media Education Trips for writers and photographers, are planned by the Sales & Services division and the Marketing, Communication & Tourism division.

During the process of planning the itinerary to best showcase the destination, Visit Albuquerque staff may reach out to our partners for support.

This support might take the form of a tour, sponsored meal, complimentary or discounted gifts, complimentary or discounted services. Your support is vital to the success of these programs.

Partners who provide goods or services at no cost or at a discounted cost will be asked to supply us with a statement of the in-kind value of the contribution.

These in-kind contributions are a key portion of our budget and are tracked by our finance department.

BET and MET programs are developed to best meet the professional needs and objectives of our customers. The results of showcasing your venue, product or service may be immediate or several years in the future, depending on the nature of the business being booked.

We know from experience that meeting planners, travel writers and tour operators who visit Albuquerque are more likely to book our destination than those who have not been here. We encourage you to participate in a BET or MET when asked by the Visit Albuquerque staff.

E-mail: for Convention Sales & Services or for the Tourism & Communications Division.

 Site Inspection Tour


  • When an organization or association is interested in or has chosen Albuquerque as a site for a convention, the group sends a site tour committee or representative to choose or review the city.
  • The attendees of the site inspection may be a group of many board members or a single meeting planner.
  • They come to Albuquerque to visit area hotels, facilities (e.g., the convention center) and attractions.
  • The site inspection process usually begins two to three years or more prior to a conference.
  • During the final stages, the meeting planners may select audio/visual companies, destination management companies, transportation companies, off-site conference and meeting facilities (if any) and attractions to visit.
  • These site inspections average one to two days.

Non-hotel partner referrals occur during the planning process or during the final site inspection as the conference is approaching.

This is when you, as a partner of Visit Albuquerque, have an opportunity to show off your products and services to qualified meeting planners.

You can help demonstrate the diverse Albuquerque services and products available to conventions and events and show them that Albuquerque is truly the place to be!

For more information e-mail: