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Walking Tours

These tours allow you to intimately experience Albuquerque's unique architecture and neighborhoods with handy printable guides that provide insight to Albuquerque's history.
Oldtown to Downtown Trail Plaque for Tour
  • Plaza to Plaza Walking Tour: Downtown to Old Town 
    Learn about the history and architecture of the city, from Spanish colonial days to the railroad era, the coming of Route 66 and Downtown revitalization as you stroll from Downtown to Old Town or vice-versa. 

  • Art Deco Society of New Mexico Albuquerque Pueblo Deco Tour
    In the Southwest, the cubistic forms of traditional Pueblos were merged with Spanish Mission architecture and decorative motifs derived from Navajo textiles, Zuni pottery--as well as art from other Pueblos--to create a unique style: Pueblo Deco. Explore this unique architectural form best exemplified in some of Albuquerque's buildings.