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Set and Filmed in Albuquerque

As most fans know, the AMC hit series "Breaking Bad" is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where it was also filmed. "Breaking Bad," which won 16 Emmy Awards, is a frequent presence on "Best TV Shows" lists. While exploring Albuquerque, you’ll see many “Breaking Bad” locations and may find yourself driving past Jesse Pinkman's house or eating at a restaurant visited by Walter White.

Albuquerque stars as a character in "Breaking Bad," with filming locations throughout the metro area. We have compiled a snapshot of locations, along with nearby tourist destinations to help visitors discover what Albuquerque is really about: 300+ years of history, diverse arts and culture, delectable New Mexican cuisine, spectacular weather and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.

“Breaking Bad” wasn't just set and filmed in Albuquerque, it has also become an iconic part of the city. Fans of the show will easily find Breaking Bad gifts, souvenirs, merchandise and film location tours throughout Albuquerque.  

“Albuquerque itself has become a character in our show. A really important character in our show. It gave it a justifiable location. A sound, solid place that not many people have related to. They’ve seen Los Angeles, they’ve seen New York, but they haven’t really seen Albuquerque and New Mexico.”  - Bryan Cranston, Walter White on "Breaking Bad"

Breaking Bad Filming Locations in Albuquerque

You can take a self-guided Breaking Bad tour with the help of the interactive map below. Use it to find your way around Albuquerque and see public locations featured on "Breaking Bad." While you're at it, check out some of the city's nearby attractions. For a guided tour of “Breaking Bad” locations and fun facts, check out Breaking Bad Luigi's Tours.


What the Actors Say about Albuquerque

Q: "Breaking Bad" was originally planned to be set in California, but was moved to Albuquerque. What has Albuquerque been for the show?

A: "Albuquerque has meant the world for 'Breaking Bad.' I can’t imagine 'Breaking Bad' being anywhere else. I can’t imagine the show would be nearly as interesting as it is if it were set anywhere else. Just the cinematography and the look of the show. When I think of Albuquerque, I think of clouds, just those beautiful floating cumulus clouds. The skies. These are skies you just don’t see in Southern California. You really get the depth and the sense of scale in the desert in Albuquerque. On days when I’m out there on the set, the first thing I do is look out the window. If it’s a day with no clouds, I get really upset! I think about the Sandias and about this great city that I’ve grown to love." - Vince Gilligan, creator of "Breaking Bad," in an interview with Local IQ

Q: Is there any part of New Mexico that you will miss when filming wraps up?

A: "There are a lot of parts of New Mexico that I'm going to miss. I fell in love with that city during the first season and fell in love with the entire state in the seasons after that. I own a place there and I'm going to keep it, so I'll go back." - Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), on an interview with AMC

Q: Do you plan to maintain a residence in Albuquerque after the show wraps? What's your favorite Albuquerque restaurant?

A: “I do. I own a house there and greatly enjoy my time there. I may be able to come back and visit and also work some more in Albuquerque. I've developed a lot of friendships and places I like to go, so it's been great for me. In terms of restaurant, I think for dinner I enjoy going out to El Pinto because of the food and the guys who own the restaurant and the general manager. I enjoy the atmosphere, the food and the drinks and it's pretty festive. And as a great standby, you can't beat Flying Star.” - Bryan Cranston (Walter White), on an interview with AMC

“There’s something very wonderful to be surrounded by the mountains and good air [in Albuquerque]. It’s a wonderful place to work and it feels like home." - Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring), in the Albuquerque Journal