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rn doorThe Convention Services Department of Visit Albuquerque can provide your convention with bonded, qualified and experienced registrars. Our registrars are able to handle any of your convention registration needs including: typing badges, cashiering, room monitors, sales clerks, and packet stuffing. We have computer literate staff available, if needed. If we cannot handle your request, we can refer you to temporary agencies with qualified people.

Our registrars work part-time, on-call and are scheduled by our Convention Services Department. To schedule registrars for your convention, please fill out the Registrar Request Form. Please be as complete as possible including the kind of equipment that will be used (computer, iPad, printer, etc.) and any special qualifications required.

Billing will be done after your convention. Please submit payment and feedback to:

Visit Albuquerque – Attn: Convention Services Dept. 
PO Box 26866
Albuquerque, NM 87125

If you have any concerns/questions during your convention, please call the Convention Services Department at 1-800-733-9918 or email Our fax number is 505-243-3934.

General Guidelines

Rate: $18.00 per hour, 4-hour minimum per registrar per day including orientation session. Rate includes tax and parking charges. Overtime is charged for any hours worked over a 40-hour work period, Sunday through Saturday.

Orientation: Please allow time for an orientation/training session PRIOR to the opening of registration. Time allotted should depend on complexity of tasks requested.

Lunch Breaks: For assignments of 6 hours or more, please allow a ½ hour paid lunch break per registrar. If registrars are asked to work more than 9 hours, they will be scheduled in a split shift, if possible.

Uniforms: Our registrars wear Visit Albuquerque name tags along with professional business attire for their assignments. If you have a different requirement, please let us know.