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Download Albuquerque maps to chart your way to the unique attractions that Albuquerque neighborhoods have to offer. Our Albuquerque, New Mexico, map collection includes detailed maps of each neighborhood from Old Town, our famous cultural center, to Nob Hill and Downtown, where you will find nightlife and specialty shops.




Neighborhood Detailed Maps (PDFS)

Dining Maps (PDFS)

The following are printable restaurant maps of Albuquerque's different neighborhoods, with keys.

These dining maps allow you to select restaurants based on location. If you want to catch a meal near a museum or shopping mall, or after a show, use our guides to take a virtual stroll through Albuquerque's neighborhoods. We'll help you pick the perfect restaurant for any occasion, in any part of town. 

Try a Progressive Dinner

A progressive dinner allows you to sample foods at several restaurants, prolonging the pleasure of your dining experience. Start at one restaurant for appetizers, move to another for your entree and try a third for dessert.