The Greater Western Chapter of Travel and Tourism Research Association (GWTTRA) is inviting New Mexico tourism industry members to join some of the industry’s leading researchers, educators and practitioners in a discussion of the “New Normal in Tourism,” the importance of Cultural Tourism and other topics at the Greater Western Travel and Tourism Research Symposium March 17-19, 2011 at the Lodge of Santa Fe.

Have you wondered what the “new normal” for tourism is going to look like?

“Trips get shorter and shorter, booking windows closer and closer,” said Chris Cordova, chairman for the event. “Consumers are downsizing lodging choices, eating in their motel rooms, and are concerned with the volatile gasoline prices. Never since the 1960s have tourism marketing professionals been dealing with as much change as they face today.”

GWTTRA is a non-profit, sharing network of more than 90 travel and tourism research and marketing professionals, governed by a volunteer board of directors.

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