During the Prohibition era, speakeasies served bootleg liquor to customers who gained entry after rapping a secret knock on the door or uttering a passcode to the doorman. Prohibition has long ended, but speakeasies are experiencing a resurgence of popularity as people seek to rekindle the glitz and glamour of the roaring ’20s. Take a trip through some back alleys and secret doorways to discover a few of the throwback speakeasies in Albuquerque.

Fat Frank’s

@visitalbuquerque Fat Frank’s opens on September 28th and the charity they are partnering with is Roadrunner Food Bank. Who’s in? ✨🍸 #trueabq #albuquerque #speakeasy ♬ I was doing fine without ya - ⭐️

Hidden behind Urban Hotdog Company in Nob Hill is a door that will lead you to Fat Frank’s. This 1970s-style speakeasy has a charitable aspect. When you schedule your “delivery” (reservation), you’ll find out which charitable organization Fat Frank’s is supporting that month. To get past the door, you’ll need to hand over a donation for that local non-profit when you show up for your delivery.

Founders Speakeasy

Interior shot of Founders Speakeasy

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Founders Speakeasy embodies the Prohibition era in downtown Albuquerque. You walk into what looks like a typical liquor store, but after you provide a special password you can request online or find on Instagram, you’ll be transported to an intimate, cozy underground bar. No reservations required.

Teddy Roe’s

@visitalbuquerque Currently, this bar is reservation only! #TrueABQ ♬ Big band jazz with astringent saxophone(953384) - Doggie Jazz

A Nob Hill bakery serves as a front for a classy speakeasy called Teddy Roe’s. This speakeasy harkens back to the 1920s with its decor and drinks. It is named after Theodore Roe, one of a handful of Black mob bosses in Chicago known for distributing money in poor neighborhoods. Reservations are required.

The Copper Lounge

a Blueberry Hill cocktail sits on a stack of cocktail books at The Copper Lounge

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While The Copper Lounge isn’t technically a speakeasy, a trip to this bar will send you back in time. Watch an old movie on a television around the lounge while you sip on a classic cocktail from The Copper Lounge’s rotating menu. Reservations are recommended.

Town and Ranch

@visitalbuquerque Town and Ranch is simply divine. #trueabq ♬ Bad Karma - Axel Thesleff

Town and Ranch is another bar that isn’t technically a speakeasy, but has the vibes of one. Taste different Los Poblanos botanical spirits gin and other local beer, wine and spirits. Shop other Los Poblanos artisanal products at the attached store. No reservations required.


People drink inside UN-17

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UN-17 is a mysterious speakeasy where business-minded people gather to network and converse over delicious cocktails. Attend exclusive meetings and educational events, or enjoy live music and other performances. Membership is required, but you can get an invite on UN-17’s website.

Vernon’s Speakeasy

A bartender stands behind a drink at Vernon's Speakeasy

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If you want a fine-dining experience with your drink, head to Vernon’s Speakeasy. Take the roaring ’20s to a new level with perfectly cooked steak and seafood accompanied by a drink from the extensive wine, beer and spirits menu. Reservations are required for a full meal, but there is limited bartop seating to enjoy cocktails, appetizers and desserts on a first-come, first-served basis.

Z Lounge

Two people "cheers" their drinks at Z Lounge in Hotel Zazz

Tap the banana in the lobby of Hotel Zazz to enter the hidden Z Lounge. This laid-back speakeasy offers a casual place to sip on a cocktail and relax at the end of the day. You don’t have to stay at Hotel Zazz in order to enjoy Z Lounge. No reservations required.