Can't decide what to give your mom this year for Mother's Day? Fear not. Albuquerque is swimming with unique and local gifts that your mom will love. Our Mother's Day gift guide will help you find just the gift that says, "I appreciate you." 

Uniquely Beautiful Jewelry

She is a queen! Make sure she feels like one. Choose from one of Albuquerque's many local, unique and fabulous jewelry shops like Palms Trading Co., Gertrude Zachary or the Turquoise Museum Gift Shop. Any of these shops are perfect for a variety of gorgeous designs and collections of jewelry that flexibly suit a variety of budgets. How wonderful will she feel when she can glance down at her new piece of jewelry and think of you each time? With such quality pieces from any of these stores, mom can remember your love on special occasions as well as a daily basis for years to come.  Gertrude Zachary Jewelry

Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

Get rustic in the Los Poblanos Farm Shop where you can choose from endless locally-themed delights in this quaint and charming abode. Even better, bring your mom with you to shop and you’ve got a gorgeous and memorable outing or overnight stay in one of Albuquerque’s most treasurable locations. From fragrant, garden-grown lavender salve, to spiced honey, to artistically crafted gardening books, to homemade candied nuts, the question won’t be what to get, but simply how to narrow it down! You can also stop and shop at Town and Ranch, or bring mom for a drink featuring Los Poblanos lavender gin.

 Los Poblanos Farm Shop

Flowers & Gift Baskets

No matter how cliche it may seem, there isn’t a single mother out there who doesn’t love to brighten her home with a vibrant arrangement of her favorite flowers or enjoy a carefully crafted gift basket. The many choices and beautiful designs at Albuquerque Florist, Inc. will wow and delight her. You simply can't go wrong with seasonal, fresh flowers. You can send that smile right to her front door.

 ABQ Florist

Betty's Bath & Day Spa

Spoil her. Your mom has been working hard, and you’ve certainly made her want to pull her hair out a time or two. She deserves a bit of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Betty's Bath & Day Spa provides spa packages that will erase every ounce of stress and make your mom feel like she’s brand new. A massage, a facial, or a soak are all gifts your mother never knew she needed.


Eldora Chocolate

This Albuquerque chocolatier takes this artful craft very seriously. From the original cocoa bean, to the roasting, to the tempering, to the final product, each and every piece of chocolate that leaves the doors of Eldora is created with love, attention to detail, and the highest quality ingredients around. Your mom deserves an indulgent experience that is a direct reflection of how hard she works for everyone in the family. Additionally, the owner of Eldora cares a great deal for the environment, and his chocolate-sourcing practices are indicative of this passion, making your special gift to mom a gift to the earth as well. Read more about the Eldora story here.

A man makes chocolates at Eldora

Now We’re Cooking

She loves to cook for her family, and you love her home cooking. This is a gift that keeps on giving. Home cooking is so much more fun with a fresh new set of cookware! Has your mom been longing for a cast iron pan? These versatile pans encourage flavor, spice, durability, and creativity, just the tool she needs to re-ignite the spark for her love of cooking. Not to mention, they last a lifetime. And just for fun, this shop even sells a yodeling pickle!

Cooking Utensils

Celebrate with a Spring Experience

Mother's Day comes at the perfect time to celebrate Albuquerque’s beautiful spring season. As sunshine begins ushering in the warmer weather, this vibrant city comes to life with the renewal and rejuvenation of spring. Give your mom a truly unique gift by experiencing and celebrating the season together! Blooming flowers, ideal temperatures, outdoor activities, patio dining, farm-fresh produce and the welcoming of new life all offer unforgettable opportunities for celebration. Find ideas for experience-based gifts here

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