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  • Holistic Management International is an Albuquerque-based, international nonprofit organization that provides training, courses and consulting services to stewards of large landscapes, including ranchers, farmers, pastoral communities, government agencies, NGOs, environmental advocacy groups and other non-profits.   

  • Building Energy Solutions is an Albuquerque-area-based company that assists homeowners and builders in energy efficiency.

  • Environmental Dynamics, Inc. is a design-build company in that emphasizes energy efficiency and design harmony of the structure with the location.

  • A patent for a special kind of photovoltaic product that tracks the sun (solar panels) was granted to an company, Solar Automation, Inc. The unique characteristic of this new invention is that it can be manufactured profitably in very small local factories with minimal, but appropriate, mechanization. 

  • Direct Power and Water is a solar power design and installation company in Albuquerque, designing hardware to fit the systems they install in both residential and commercial buildings and stand-alone structures.

  • Holistic Habitats Inc. is a design-build company emphasizing designs that fit the building with the environment, not only to make it the most energy efficient possible, but also pleasing with the surroundings.  Care is taken to use “green” products that protect the inhabitants from toxins, air pollutants, mold, exhaust, etc.  It is located in Cedar Crest, a suburb of Albuquerque.

  • Extreme Green Design is an environmental construction company specializing in “green”, energy-efficient buildings. 

  • Build Green New Mexico, headquartered in Albuquerque, was developed by the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico for the purpose of promoting and facilitating sustainable construction.

  • Mesa del Sol, a development of 12,900 acres in southeast, is a planned community of residences and businesses, all conceived with sustainable goals.

  • Mariposa is a planned community of 6,500 acres in Rio Rancho, a northwestern suburb of Albuquerque, built with sustainable guidelines.