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FY21 Marketing Plan

At Visit Albuquerque, we firmly believe that our city’s economic recovery will begin with tourism and travel.

We also recognize that in order to help our city recover from the impact of COVID-19, Visit Albuquerque’s role must expand beyond marketing and sales. In addition to promoting the city’s culture, history, scenic beauty, events and attractions, we also must instill confidence in travelers, build support among residents to welcome visitors, and collaborate with the local hospitality industry in adopting new practices and protocols designed to ensure safe visitation.

As Visit Albuquerque prepares for FY21, uncertainty still surrounds travel restrictions and reopening timelines, continued limitations on group gatherings and events, and possible future resurgences of COVID-19. All of these factors will influence our approach to effectively marketing Albuquerque as a destination.

Taking this fluctuating environment into consideration, Visit Albuquerque will develop our marketing strategy on a quarterly basis in FY21 rather than releasing an annual marketing plan. Quarterly planning will allow us to be agile and adjust to changing circumstances based on industry data and traveler sentiment and in coordination with official guidelines from governmental authorities.

Our Q1 plan outlines the tactics we will implement to support these strategies. Because we are optimistic about future travel to Albuquerque, re-emergence is the theme of our marketing plan for Q1. We are pleased to share this plan with our stakeholders, and we look forward to working in partnership to promote Albuquerque as a top destination for leisure travel, meetings and sports.

Visit Albuquerque's FY21 Recovery Marketing Plan

To protect proprietary information, the plan is password protected. To request the login information, please contact Janice Pomeroy at 505-842-9918 ext. 3301 or email: