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Stop by the Albuquerque Museum School during your visit to make an art project. We welcome families to the Museum with weekly opportunities to get creative together.

All ages will enjoy our family art projects. Work on a new project each week. Try your hand working with a variety of art mediums — all materials supplied. Child and grown-up friendly! 


Still Lifes with Fruit

Inspired by Margaretta Angelica Peale’s Strawberries and Cherries in Making American Artists: Stories from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1776-1976 we will create still lifes using fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables from the garden, photographs and our imaginations. 

Instructor: Harley Kirschner


Patterns on Fabric

The lines and shapes in Raven Chacon's (Diné) Storm Pattern are a type of map inspired Navajo weaving designs. For this Family Art Workshop we will create and use stamps and rollers to explore black mark making on white fabric. Be sure to check out Storm Pattern on view in Gallery 3 to learn more about this piece.

Instructor: Shelly Korte


Animal Story Collages

Inspired by Nathan Budoff’s mixed media works in Vivarium: Exploring Intersections of Art, Storytelling, and the Resilience of the Living World, we will create narrative collages using photocopies, colored pens and chalk pastel. This project will specifically focus on endangered and extinct species so it is equally educational as it is creative!

Instructor: Harley Kirschner


Framed Portraits
This Family Art Workshop we are appreciating the antique decorative frames in Making American Artists: Stories from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1776-1976. The frames are almost a work of art itself! Draw any scene you like, landscape, portrait, or something imagined and create your own beautiful frame ready to display in a gallery.

Instructor:  Remy Sinegal

Meet Your Instructors.

Harley Kirschner is a mixed media artist and art instructor. He has a passion for mixed media, incorporating many different techniques into each object he makes. Although his roots are in collage and painting, he has been exploring place-based art for over a decade with students and has created permanent installations on his own. This is where his passion for garden art comes in. In addition to creating magical worlds, Harley has a passion for textiles and is always exploring new techniques to enliven fabric.

Michelle (Shelly) Korte is a multimedia artist—painting, drawing, sculpting, collaging, writing, printmaking, and performing. She is fascinated by the ways in which ecology, industry and ceremony interest - defining the role of humans as animals, consumers, and healers. As a curious traveler and investigator, Shelly has taught and shown her work around the world for over 20 years. As an educator, she also allows art to be a conduit of self-inquiry, expression, and problem solving. She has lived in the Manzano Mountains of Tijeras, NM with her young son since 2014 where she has been growing a creative, communal arts and healing space.

Remy Sinegal was born in California, coming to the University of New Mexico for college where she received a Bachelors in Art with a minor in Medieval Studies. She is a poet and illustrator, using a variety of media such as pencils, paints, pastels, sculpture and digital media. History both true and fictional inspire the themes of her work. Inspired by multicultural mythology, folklore, as well as modern influences like animated media, wildlife and how everyone's personal experiences shape the world around them. Believing that there is magic in embracing the mundanity of life she tries to create something exceptional and fun every time she picks up a pencil. The art of storytelling to pass on cultural superstitions inspires her to write, and illustrate her own fantastical tales, which she hopes to bring to life one day through graphic novels or animation.