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Authentically Albuquerque

From late February 2023 through January 2025, commuters in the Denver metro area will have an opportunity to ride on light rail trains that showcase Albuquerque’s rich culture and some of its most treasured traditions.

Visit Albuquerque, the nonprofit organization that promotes the city as a travel destination, wrapped five light rail trains in the Denver Regional Transportation District with vibrant, engaging artwork that gives riders and passersby a closer look at what makes Albuquerque distinctive and special. Each of the five trains highlights an authentic Albuquerque experience.

an image of a Denver light rail train wrapped in a ballooning Visit Albuquerque promotional image

  • Another train is wrapped to resemble the exterior of adobe houses like the ones found in Albuquerque’s Old Town. The design replicates the texture of sun-baked adobe and even features the bright red chile ristras and turquoise doors that decorate many Albuquerque homes.

An image of a Denver light rail train wrapped in an image of Albuquerque's Old Town

  • The Spanish Colonial art of punched tin is showcased on another train, with intricate scalloped borders and floral motifs created by Jason Younis y Delgado, a fifth-generation New Mexico tinsmith.

An image of a Denver light rail train wrapped in an image of punched tin promoting Visit Albuquerque

  • To celebrate the upcoming centennial of Route 66, a vibrant wrap design features colors and shapes that pay homage to classic neon signs found on Route 66 through Albuquerque.

A mock-up of the Denver Light Rail Route 66 train wrap

  • A train wrap that honors traditional Pueblo pottery designs was developed in collaboration with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. New Mexico is home to 19 Native American Pueblos, each with its own artistic styles and traditions.

An image of a Denver light rail train wrapped in an image of Native American pottery promoting Visit Albuquerque

The train wraps are designed to spark curiosity about visiting Albuquerque and inspire people to learn more. Printed on each train is a QR code that links to information about the artist, the artwork and the city of Albuquerque.

The project was made possible with additional marketing funds generated by overnight stays at lodging properties located in the Albuquerque Tourism Marketing District.