Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says the Event Will Feature Hundreds of Ready-To-Hire Careers in the Federal Government, Military, and Private Sector

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the nation's oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization, is pleased to announce the historic job opportunities available at the highly anticipated 2023 LULAC National Convention and Expo from July 31 to August 5 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This event promises to be a gamechanger for Latino professionals seeking rewarding careers in the federal government, military, and private sectors.

"LULAC is proud to bring together this remarkable convergence of opportunities under one roof," says LULAC Chief Operating Officer Rafaela Schwan. "By bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, the convention aims to provide a platform for networking, skill-building, and professional development. Attendees will have the chance to connect directly with recruiters, participate in workshops and seminars, and gain invaluable insights from industry leaders. The 2023 national convention will empower individuals to take charge of their future and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous society," she adds.

The convention, one of the most momentous in LULAC's history, will be a gateway to hundreds of life-changing job opportunities. The federal government, recognizing the immense talent and potential within the Latino community, has partnered with LULAC to provide an array of positions across various agencies. From healthcare to technology, from education to law enforcement, these positions will offer the chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of millions while furthering personal growth and professional success.

In addition to the federal government opportunities, the military sector will also actively recruit at the LULAC convention. Through various positions and specialties, the military will provide an avenue for Latinos to contribute to national security while enjoying a rewarding career with ample growth prospects. Also, the private sector will actively engage with attendees to offer exciting career opportunities. Employers seek individuals who bring a fresh perspective and a diverse skill set to their organizations.

"The pandemic put a strain on both the jobs pipeline and the pool of qualified candidates, so LULAC is stepping in, and we expect hundreds of applicants to travel from throughout New Mexico and beyond to meet with top-tier recruiters," says Schwan. "I would encourage those interested to arrive early, dressed to impress, and ready for a series of face-to-face interviews," says Schwan.

LULAC will publish a list of the companies and government agencies scheduled to participate in the 2023 LULAC Convention and Expo. This year's theme is "Saber Es Poder. Knowledge is Power." The program speakers, panels, and forums are designed to celebrate LULAC's 94-year history, learn about the issues confronting us, and understand the outlook for the future in health, education, employment, our environment, and the sciences, including leading-edge technologies.

Another highlight of the convention and expo is the planned LULAC Fest and the headline performance of legendary music star Little Joe, considered one of America's iconic entertainers. His vast repertoire includes celebrated multi-generational original English and Spanish hits in Tejano, well-known country and Las Vegas show tunes, and much more. No one sits when Little Joe is rocking the house. LULAC will see you in Albuquerque! See

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