Balloon’s Name Is “Eyahne On The Horizon” ("Eyanhe" Means “Blessing” in Keres, a language spoken by various Native American Pueblos in New Mexico)

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) is pleased to announce the arrival of its hot air balloon featuring a unique, Pueblo-inspired design. The balloon’s name is, “Eyahne On The Horizon”. "Eyahne" means “Blessing” in Keres, a language spoken by various Native American Pueblos in New Mexico. The new balloon is a partnership with Rainbow Ryders, Inc., the Southwest’s premier hot air balloon company. In honor of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, Rainbow Ryders chose the N-Number “N19NM” when registering the aircraft with the FAA.

IPCC’s balloon was made in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Cameron Balloons, the world’s largest balloon manufacturer. The new balloon is 275,000 cubic feet in size, measures 86 feet tall, 68 feet wide at the equator, and is capable of lifting 6,000 pounds, or 12 to 14 passengers, plus the pilot. It will be the largest ride balloon in New Mexico.

“Eyahne On The Horizon” will fly 200-300 times per year in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Los Lunas areas, and will take flight in the coming weeks. Although this year’s Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is cancelled due to the global pandemic, IPCC’s balloon will fly at the world’s premier balloon event under normal circumstances. It will also be on display at many other local events.

“Our beautiful, new hot air balloon has been in the works for over a year, and will serve as a proud ambassador of sorts for IPCC,” said Emily Howard, Vice President of Corporate Strategy for IPCC and Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc. “Our distinctive Pueblo design will be unmistakable as ‘Eyahne On The Horizon’ flies through the skies over New Mexico, and will be a phenomenal way to keep IPCC top-of-mind with locals and visitors alike.” Howard added, “We are delighted to work with Scott Appelman and his extraordinary team at Rainbow Ryders—the very best in the business—and look forward to becoming part of the world-famous, local balloon culture and community.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the renowned Indian Pueblo Cultural Center on this exciting endeavor. IPCC’s stunning new balloon has become one of the most uniquely emblematic corporate hot air balloons that we have ever had the privilege to fly,” said Scott Appelman, President & CEO of Rainbow Ryders, Inc. An accomplished balloon pilot and recipient of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta’s prestigious Heritage award, Appelman added, “We are honored to promote this iconic Albuquerque destination, as well as the deeply rooted Pueblo culture that is such a signifcant and influential part of New Mexico. We are excited to add to the natural beauty of our skies with IPCC’s breathtaking ‘Eyahne On The Horizon’ balloon and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Designed in house by IPCC staff, the balloon’s unique envelope artwork symbolizes the sacred beliefs and culture of the Pueblo peoples of New Mexico. All of the balloon’s design elements represent cultural concepts and values found throughout Pueblo traditions. Each of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico has its own distinct way of life, so the included design elements were chosen based on symbols and themes common throughout all of the Pueblos: corn, strength, progress, continuance, blessings, and connection to earth, heavens, ancestors, and each other. Some of the designs date back 1,000 years or more.

About the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Founded in 1976 by the 19 Pueblo tribes of New Mexico, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a world-class museum and cultural center located in the historic 19 Pueblos District. The IPCC’s mission is to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture, and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect the accomplishments and evolving history of the Pueblo peoples of New Mexico. The Center is temporarily closed due to the pandemic but, under normal circumstances, visitors can learn fascinating history, shop for Native jewelry and art, watch a cultural dance, hear Native languages, and experience the flavors of traditional and contemporary Native cuisine. To learn more, please visit: and We update these pages immediately anytime there is a change to the Center’s status and hours. About

Rainbow Ryders, Inc.
Rainbow Ryders, Inc. is the Southwest’s largest hot air ballooning company, with offices in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Colorado Springs. Now in its 37th year, Rainbow Ryders has been the official hot air balloon ride vendor of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta since 1999 and provides year-round hot air balloon rides, commercial ballooning and special event services.