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ABQ365 is a new initiative for the Visit Albuquerque that incorporates both a comprehensive calendar of events and blog with an expanded target audience. The events calendar will continue to deliver upcoming events information to a visitor audience, but has now expanded to be a comprehensive calendar of events for Albuquerque locals as well. Inclusion on the ABQ365 calendar of events is absolutely free.

The new ABQ365 brand will add to the already established audience of Visit Albuquerque's calendar of events, providing a more comprehensive look at things happening around town and inserting local voices into the content. In 2013, Visit Albuquerque's calendar of events received over 255,000 visits and over 836,000 pageviews. That is an average of more than 21,000 visits and 70,000 pageviews per month! Almost 40% of that traffic was coming from the Albuquerque area with almost no formal local promotion. We can't wait to see how that will grow with this new effort! 

Below we provide an overview of your opportunities to collaborate with us. If you have any questions or would like to contact us to discuss further opportunities, please email or call 505-222-4351.

Event Submission and Criteria 

Featured Event Submission and Criteria 

ABQ365 Events Widget 

Events PDF Export 

365 Days of Events 

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ABQ365 Blog 

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Event Submission and Criteria:

  • Event must be open to the public
  • Event must occur within a 50 mile radius of Albuquerque
  • Event must appeal to Albuquerque locals and/or visitors
  • Events must be submitted by the 15th of the month before the event takes place in order to be included in the printed calendar that is distributed at the Visit Albuquerque Visitor Information Centers
  • Promotional photography of event is welcomed
  • Submission of an event does not guarantee that it will be included in our calendar

Click here to submit your event. 

Featured Event Submission and Criteria:

In addition to our general event submission requirements, to qualify for Featured Event status, an event must:

  • Be an Visit Albuquerque Event Partner, be an event organized by an Visit Albuquerque Partner or be an event booked by the Visit Albuquerque Sales Team
  • Have an expected attendance of at least 500 people
  • Be submitted for consideration at least 3 months in advance of event
  • Have photos of or representing the event to provide to Visit Albuquerque for promotion
  • Already have an extensive promotion plan in place and a dedicated portion of their marketing budget to target audiences both within and outside of Albuquerque
  • Be of interest to both Albuquerque's local and visitor audiences
  • Fit within the Visit Albuquerque's niche markets: arts, culture, cuisine, family, outdoor recreation, golf, sports, affordable, etc.
  • Offer a unique but authentic perspective of Albuquerque's culture and environment
  • Be willing to donate event tickets or event collateral for ABQ365 giveaways

We cannot guarantee that every event submitted for featured consideration will receive featured status.  Click here to submit your event for Featured Event consideration. 

ABQ365 Events Widget 

With this new effort comes the ability for you to place an ABQ365 Events Widget within your website for absolutely free! You can better serve your customers and support the ABQ365 effort by easily copying and pasting a simple bit of code onto your website. 
Click here to review your options and request a widget. 

Events PDF Export

The ABQ365 calendar of events now features an easily customizable printable PDF export for events occurring in any given date range: 

  • Simply use the search function within the calendar of events as you would to view the events online
  • Choose a date range, category and even keywords to customize your search results
  • When you reach the search results, click the print icon above the search bar and a printable PDF with your criteria will be automatically generated

365 Days of Events

365 Days of Events is ABQ365's first campaign. The campaign is designed to highlight an event each day, showcasing a sample of the plethora of events that occur in Albuquerque each year (365 days). Each week on Sunday, a blog will be published that highlights an event for each day of the next week. These events will also be promoted across our social networks, through emails and more! The hashtag #365DaysOfEvents will be incorporated throughout the campaign. Events that are included in 365 Days of Events can be viewed via the 365 Days of Events category within the ABQ365 events calendar as well as the 365 Days of Events blog subcategory at ABQ365 Blog.

To make sure your event has the opportunity to be considered for inclusion in 365 Days of Events, please submit your event by the 15th of the month prior to the month your event occurs.
This campaign will launch on March 6th at 5pm. (3-6-5pm)

Sign Up for Event Organizer Communications

Contact Information

Please provide us with the most accurate information in which to contact you about the events you help organize and promote. We plan to send monthly emails with reminders to submit events and updates on ABQ365 opportunities and happenings.


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ABQ365 Blog

The ABQ365 Blog is a multi-author blog, written by Albuquerqueans about Albuquerque. This effort gives Visit Albuquerque the opportunity to incorporate local voices into our messaging that positively highlight our city. Two blogs will be published each week, along with a #365DaysOfEvents post each Sunday. We are always looking for content, so please be sure to keep our team informed of new offerings at your organization. If you have an idea for a blog feature, or are interested in being a guest contributor, please get in touch with our editorial team at

Advertise Within the ABQ365 Section of our Website

Coming soon! Sign up for event organizer communcations to be notified when this opportunity becomes available.