You might not expect to have great opportunities for golf in a desert city, but you’d be surprised at how many stunning golf courses there are in Albuquerque! Part of the excitement and charm of the area is the desert landscape, but when you’re looking for an oasis of green beauty, the golf course is the place to be.

An image of a golf course with the Sandia Mountains in the background

Photo Credit: Ryan Schreiber via flickr

Opportunity to Enjoy Nature 

There’s something amazing about spending time surrounded by stunning greenery and foliage when you’re living in a desert place. Albuquerque has its own unique kind of nature. The mountains are nearby, complete with the lush forest that adds a touch of green to the area. However, if you aren’t into hiking or can’t manage to get to the mountains for some free time, being on the golf course is the next best way to spend time outdoors. 

In addition to the green, smooth grass, you’re surrounded by trees, and often you’ll find natural water hazards, beautiful bunkers, and often lovely views of the surrounding nature. Science is clear about the benefits of spending time in nature, so not only will this be an enjoyable experience, but it can help you boost your immune system and mental health as well! 

Beautiful Choice of Golf Courses 

Albuquerque is home to some stunning golf courses. If you’re a golfer—whether serious or casual—you’ll love the choice of beautiful courses to play on, which allow you a wide range of choices in both scenery and gameplay. Did you know that Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club is one of just 17 courses across the country to receive a 5-star rating by Golf Digest readers? It’s an excellent indication of the quality of golf courses in the area. 

If you're a fan of links-style courses, you’ll enjoy the 27 holes offered by Santa Ana Golf Club, as well as the spectacular views. If you’re after a real desert golf experience, the Twin Warriors Golf Club offers a superb experience. The course is designed around the natural landscape, which includes ancient cultural sites, so your experience isn’t just a physical one here, it’s a cultural one as well. Isleta Eagle Golf Course is known as the area’s best public golfing experience, with 27 holes, multiple natural water hazards (that may steal your golf balls), and expansive views.

Isleta Eagle Golf Course

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Excellent Opportunity to Socialize 

Another wonderful feature of golf is that it’s a great chance to socialize. You can spend time together, catch up and have fun. There’s also more than enough time to play a great round of golf and have a meaningful and in-depth talk at the same time. 

Want to spend time with your large group of friends? Golf is ideal for groups to have fun together and while away the hours, followed by a meal and a couple of drinks. Or maybe you want to spend some quality time with just one friend, your spouse or date, or a close family member. The golf course is just as excellent a setting for this kind of social experience. 

It also doesn’t even matter how good your golfing skill is. Whether you and your friends are pros or you spend time on the driving range with training aids, it’s a lovely spot to catch up.

A man is mid-swing, about to hit a golf ball, at Sandia Golf Club

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Helps to Boost Health & Fitness 

Another reason why golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in Albuquerque is the health and fitness boost you get. It’s a low-impact sport that involves a cardio aspect. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your immune system, improve your cardiovascular fitness, get the blood flowing, improve mental health, and just make yourself happy, you should definitely be considering a round of golf!