Vinyl collecting has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. From buying special editions from your favorite artist to digging through bins to find an old favorite, vinyls are a classic way to listen to an album. Albuquerque is filled with record stores where you can go pick up the next one in your collection. 

Charley’s Records & CDs

A close-up of records in bins at Charley's Records and CDs

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Charley’s Records & CDs has been operating since 1988 on the Eastside. With a selection of affordable and collectible vinyls, you’re sure to find one you’ll love. You can also browse a selection of vintage clothing, stereo equipment, jewelry and more.

LongHair Records

A picture of the sign at LongHair Records

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Find records of any genre at LongHair Records. Listen to any unsealed record to ensure the quality. You’ll also find CDs, VHS tapes and a selection of predominantly vintage fantasy, sci-fi, horror and occult books.

Nob Hill Music

A cardboard cutout of Elvis stands in the middle of Nob Hill Music

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To buy records in Nob Hill, head to Nob Hill Music. This store specializes in jazz and rock, but has vinyls of all genres. Search their inventory to see if the record you want is in stock, and if not, submit a request on their website.

One Long Groove

A wall of records at One Long Groove

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Located in Los Ranchos, One Long Groove sells new and pre-loved records, and restores records too. One Long Groove has a space at Bookworks, so you can shop for a book and some music at the same time.

Vinyl Consumption Record Shop

A view of Vinyl Consumption Record Shop in Past, Present & In Between Indoor Flea Market

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Inside the Past, Present & In Between Indoor Flea Market, Vinyl Consumption Record Shop has new and used records and more. This curated collection offers a wide range of music genres, including collector’s items and modern records. The store has a great selection of rare reggae albums, and a large collection of soul, punk, blues and Spanish vinyls.