If you’re gluten intolerant or simply prefer to follow a gluten-free diet, Albuquerque restaurants have you covered. From hot dogs to Italian food, it’s easy to enjoy the wide range of cuisine Albuquerque offers. Many of these restaurants prepare other food with gluten, so be sure to ask restaurant employees about preparation methods to prevent potential cross-contamination.

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe

A dish from Annapurna's

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Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe serves vegan and vegetarian gluten-free options at its locations on Albuquerque’s Eastside and in the Midtown area. Gluten-free dishes are labeled as such on the menu.

Bedrock Kitchen

Some chicken tenders and dipping sauce in a plastic container from Bedrock Kitchen.

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Offering prepackaged grab-and-go meals as well as patio seating, Bedrock Kitchen specializes in dishes that feature local, organic ingredients. In addition to menus for vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers, Bedrock Kitchen also offers a variety of gluten-free dishes. Their gluten-free chicken tenders, for example, are coated with rice and almond flour instead of with wheat. The owner of Bedrock Kitchen has more than 20 years of experience in the natural and organic food industry.

Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor

A hot dog with Tater Tots, Pinto Beans, Nacho Cheese, Flame Roasted Jalapeňo Salsa from Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor

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For those looking for delicious gluten-free fried food, look no further than Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor. This circus-themed restaurant lets customers customize their hot dogs with toppings ranging from the normal (chili or nacho cheese) to the out-of-the-box (shredded coconut or peanut butter and jelly). All of the hot dogs themselves are gluten free, the toppings are labeled if they are gluten free, and all of the fried foods are strictly gluten free, including the corndogs, cheese on a stick and onion rings.

El Pinto

A New Mexican food dish from El Pinto restaurant

El Pinto Restaurant serves delicious gluten-free New Mexican food. Browse a separate gluten-free menu to easily identify the options. Although the jarred red chile is gluten free, the red chile served in the restaurant is not, but can be if requested. The green chile is always gluten free. Request steamed corn tortillas, as the sunflower oil used for frying will have trace amounts of gluten.

Flying Star Cafe

A salad, mac and cheese with chicken, and a drink from Flying Star Cafe

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With six locations around town, Flying Star is known for its decadent pastries and desserts. It might be a surprise, then, to learn that the cafe also offers dishes that it calls “gluten not.” Flying Star explains that these dishes are designed for people who want to avoid gluten or who are gluten sensitive, but they may not be suitable for people with celiac disease. Look for the “gluten not” menu when ordering.

La Finca

Part of the food assembly line at La Finca.

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For a delicious gluten-free lunch in downtown Albuquerque, head to La Finca. With a choose your own adventure-style menu and a 100% gluten-free kitchen, you can eat a hearty meal with local ingredients.

M’tucci’s Bar Roma

The dining room of M'Tucci's Bar Roma

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In Nob Hill, M’Tucci’s Bar Roma serves traditional and contemporary Italian food. Gluten-free dishes are labeled on the menu. Gluten-free pasta is also available upon request.

Paisano's Italian Restaurant

A picture of the exterior of Paisano's Italian Restaurant. The sign says "world gluten free headquarters."

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Paisano’s Italian Restaurant has been serving Italian food in Albuquerque since the ‘70s. The restaurant offers a large gluten-free menu, with appetizers, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, beer and desserts. 

Sixty-Six Acres

Sixty-Six Acres crispy Tofu Bites with Thai satay dipping sauce and Southwest Black Bean & Corn Flatbread with fire roasted corn salsa, cotija cheese & avocado crema

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For contemporary American fare, head to Sixty-Six Acres. Gluten-free options are labeled on the menu. All of its flatbreads and grilled sandwiches can be served on gluten-free bread. 

The Bakehouse Off The Wheaten Path

A case of baked goods at The Bakehouse Off the Wheaten Path

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The Bakehouse Off the Wheaten Path is an exclusively gluten-free bakery. Find delectable sweet treats like cookies and donuts next to beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes. Select vegan baked goods are offered.

The Grove Cafe and Market

A salad from The Grove Cafe & Market

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Try The Grove Cafe and Market for a bright, modern breakfast or lunch. Gluten-free options are labeled on the menu. Ask for the sandwiches to be made with gluten-free bread, or browse the selection of gluten-free pastries.