Are you looking for some good fortune? If you're in Albuquerque, you're in luck! All you have to do is keep your eye out for a turquoise door, a traditional symbol of warmth, welcome and hospitality.

The color turquoise is a captivating bluish, sea-green color that has been associated with New Mexico for centuries. Both the mineral and the color hold a deep historical meaning to the people of New Mexico. Turquoise can be seen in our sky, in our jewelry, and even in Native American ceremonies in Pueblos located up and down the Rio Grande. Ancient peoples believed in its power to protect, give wisdom, provide calmness and pass along good fortune. To this day, Southwestern tribes still believe in the power of turquoise. They wear turquoise amulets for personal protection from harm, sickness and evil spirits. 

The color turquoise is found in more than jewelry and clothing -- the color is also integrated into Southwestern building design. You can see the color on the doors, front gates and window frames of homes all over New Mexico. After all, if wearing a turquoise amulet offers protection and wards off evil spirits, why not incorporate the color into the place you call home? Not only is blue the most popular color, but it has a symbolic image of dependability and loyalty. 

Doors and window frames painted in many shades of turquoise create a striking contrast against the soft beige and earth tones of adobe architecture found at the Pueblos of New Mexico. Along with the colored accent entry ways, these traditional buildings have flat roofs and sun-dried adobe brick walls with rounded edges. Entering through a turquoise door is said to create a sense of warmth as well as a glimpse into the past thanks to the historical nature of the traditional architecture that surrounds it. 

When you walk through the narrow streets of Historic Old Town Albuquerque or drive around the lush green valleys of the city, you are sure to see a touch of turquoise paint on many buildings -- and especially on front doors.Turquoise doors can be found on small shops tucked away in alleys in the oldest part of the city or on large homes nestled by the river. The color will forever be popular with homeowners throughout New Mexico, including Albuquerque. Some of the most beautiful blue doors can be found in nearby Pueblos and in hidden spots all around Albuquerque; take a moment to look and discover the good fortune turquoise may bring.