“Breaking Bad” has ended its drama series, but here in Albuquerque, locals celebrate the show daily by interacting with the businesses that were featured on the show. Fans from all over the world flock to see Walter White’s house and Jesse’s condo, but what about the other iconic places that had some of the most memorable scenes on television? 

Below is a list (and some fun facts) of a few places you can visit in Albuquerque that will excite even the biggest fan—just remember to tread lightly.

Java Joe’s

Tuco’s Headquarters. Tuco, the calm, always happy, distributor, was quick to beat up Jesse. Not long after that, Walt gets involved and blows up Tuco’s office. 

(Fun Fact: Java Joe’s is known for its coffee, but it also has a wide selection of breakfast options including crepes.)

Casa Furniture

Formerly known as Best Quality Vacuum, which was the legitimate name of a business here in Albuquerque, this was the place to go when someone needed to be “extracted.” 

Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum

Made to look like a store where Marie was first seen shoplifting shoes. 

This is also where Walt and Gretchen have their first scene together talking about “the chemical makeup” for Gray Matter.

First Plaza Center

Skyler’s lawyer’s office is located Downtown and is home to several attorneys’ offices.

(Fun Fact: The offices of Visit Albuquerque are in the same building. Stop in to learn more about what there is to do while visiting.)

Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall & Saloon

Though this isn’t exactly where Saul Goodman’s office is, it is just steps away from the real location. 

Reynolds Auto Services

Who can forget Badger? Badger asked his cousin if Jesse could store his RV in his lot. This is also where Jesse has his porta potty incident. 

Rio Grande Fruits & Vegetables

In the episode titled “Peek-a-boo,” Spooge and his lady steal the ATM located inside the store and plan to break it open to get the money inside. 

The Grove Cafe & Market

Chamomile tea and Stevia, please! The end of Lydia. 

(Fun Fact: The Grove is known for exquisite breakfasts and lunches, as well as for its freshly baked goods.)

Savoy Bar & Grill

After Gretchen discovers that Walter lied to his family about her and Elliott paying for his cancer treatment, they meet to chat. The discussion escalates, and Walter insults her. 

Isleta Resort and Casino

This resort serves as the rehab center Jesse attends, known as Serenity. The resort is also where Walt moved his family temporarily, after Jesse broke into the White residence and soaked the house in gasoline. 

(Fun Fact: The resort has so many things to do! When you visit, you can play a round of golf, take the family bowling, catch a live show and of course try your luck at the slots.)


A favorite dining/meet-up spot for Mike to conduct his business.


The original Los Pollos Hermanos where Walt first meets Gus. 

Louie’s Pub & Grill

Another favorite hangout place for Mike. Also where Mike beats up Walt after he asks Mike to set up a meeting with Gus. 

Hinkle Family Fun Center

Saul attempted to convince Walter and Skyler to invest in a laser tag business to launder their money. “Scientists love lasers”

Gertrude Zachary Jewelry

The store where Marie stole the tiara and gives it to the baby at Skyler’s baby shower.

(Fun Fact: The store does not sell any kind of crowns. Don’t ask.)

Delta Uniform & Linens

Gus’ laundry service that is the front for the lab.

Civic Plaza

Hank and Gomez arrange for Jesse to wear a wire and meet with Walter at Civic Plaza in order to trick Walt into confessing that he was Heisenberg.

Holocaust & Intolerance Museum

When a group of jocks started making fun of Walt Jr.,Walter got angry and he snapped and beat up a kid.

Dog House Drive In

Jesse sat in his car and gave money to a homeless man who knocked on his window before driving off.

Simms Building

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s headquarters for the Albuquerque and the El Paso Division.

Crossroads Motel

Nicknamed by Hank “The Crystal Palace.” 

Gonzalez Mechanical

The Beneke offices where Ted and Skyler work together.

(Fun Fact: The name “Beneke” is a play on “Ben E. Keith,” an actual food and alcohol distribution business with a warehouse in Albuquerque.) 

Albuquerque International Sunport

When Walter pretended that he was going to visit his mother, he was dropped off here by Skyler. As soon as Skyler was out of sight, Jesse arrived in the RV and they left the airport. 

Mister Car Wash

“Have an A1 day!” A1 Car Wash that Walt and Skyler buy to launder their money. 

(Fun Fact: Walt’s former boss (eyebrows) at the car wash is a chemist in real life.)

Garduno’s Restaurant

Walter, Skyler, Hank and Marie met here after Hank became aware that Walt was in fact “Heisenberg.” What an awkward dinner. 

Albuquerque Rail Yards

This location serves as a backdrop for the “Breaking Bad” promotional artwork.

(Fun Fact: Every Sunday from May through October, the Rail Yards are filled with local vendors and food. Open to the public and the perfect place to find some local treats.)

Gino’s New York Style Pizzeria

Formerly known as Venezia Pizza. The place where Walter got the pizza that he throws on the roof of his house.

(Fun Fact: The house that served as the exterior of Walter and Skyler’s home is a private residence, and the homeowners will not allow people on their premises. “Stay out of my territory.”)