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A Destination Master Plan for Albuquerque

Visit Albuquerque, working with industry partners and business and City leaders, will embark on development of a Destination Master Plan for our community in the fall of 2023. Visit Albuquerque has partnered with the global tourism advisory division of JLL to lead an in-depth planning process that will set a strategic vision for our community as a top travel destination. Together, we will create a 10-year roadmap that strengthens Albuquerque as a thriving destination for leisure travelers, meetings and events while balancing the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

What Is a Destination Master Plan?

A Destination Master Plan (DMP) is a long-term, comprehensive approach to improving our city’s attractiveness and competitiveness as a destination. By securing buy-in from a variety of public and private groups, the plan will help align internal and external stakeholders to ensure that our entire community shares in the benefits of tourism, meetings and events. The DMP will serve as a valuable guide for future decisions on issues ranging from meeting visitor expectations to preservation of our city’s unique cultural heritage to identifying improvements and expansions that will increase economic vitality. The plan’s goals are to identify initiatives that enhance the quality of the visitor experience through better services, attractions and activities while also increasing the quality of life for residents.

Overarching Goals of the Destination Master Plan Include:

  • Set a strategic vision the destination
  • Create a 10-year roadmap
  • Enhance Albuquerque’s positioning
  • Find balance with residents, businesses & visitors

What Does the Planning Process Include?

The planning process will take approximately 12 months and is broken up into a four-phased approach led by the JLL team. The process will identify industry opportunities and challenges with recommended strategies for momentum and improvement to be implemented over a 10-year period. The planning process will also seek to find balance with community and promote industry-wide support for responsible travel principles and strategies to protect cultural assets. The process will include a review and strategies on key issues the sector faces including focus areas on workforce development and housing accessibility. 

Most importantly, the process will include a broad spectrum of industry and community engagement. Visit Albuquerque and the JLL team will facilitate stakeholder focus groups and surveys to drive input into the process. Additionally, JLL has engaged Future Partners, formerly Destination Analysts, to study visitor perception as well as seek input from community with a resident sentiment study. 

How Can I Get Involved?

Development of the Destination Master Plan will be collaborative and inclusive. Visit Albuquerque is encouraging participation from a broad range of individuals.

To indicate your interest in participating in the planning process, please complete the form below:

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Thank you for your interest development of a Destination Master Plan for Albuquerque. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as the planning process evolves. 


Tania Armenta

President & CEO, Visit Albuquerque


Bethanie DeRose

Senior Vice President, Visit ABQ Project Manager

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