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Jack Sturgeon
Skip Maisel's Wholesale/Retail Indian Jewelry and Crafts

"Tourism and travel have played a large role in the success of Skip Maisel's since the 1930's. Being located on Route 66, tourism and travel is an integral part of our business. We wouldn't be as successful as we are today without the exposure and business that the tourism and travel industry brings to us with visitors from around the world."

Angela Brown
Waitress, Buca di Beppo

"Tourism to me, means better service. When I meet customers from other cities, I want to "wow" them so they return to our restaurant and our other locations. Tourism makes me realize that I represent Buca di Beppo worldwide, not just Albuquerque."

"Tourism allows us to do a job we love, yet support our family as well as being able to show off and promote the great city of Albuquerque."

– Brooke and Kiersten Owen Pilot and Director of Operations, Rainbow Ryders

Roch Hart
Owner, NM (Private) Jeep Tours

"I got into the Jeep 'eco-tours' because my passion is escaping to the quiet remote places of New Mexico where the history of the ruins speaks of who, what and why they lived there. While listening to the deafening silence you realize New Mexico is one of the best places on earth to be exploring the high desert. Tourism is/should be the number one resource for employment here, which I currently am enjoying."

Scotty Mitchell
Head Chef, Best Western Plus Rio Grande Inn

"More tourists coming to Albuquerque means more work for everyone."

"In the hotel business you cater to tourists and group business. My job is to make sure they all love the food whether it is for the individuals in the restaurant or a group with hundreds of attendees in a banquet. We have an opportunity to make their experience better by showcasing the unique flavors of our area. An exceptional dining experience will linger in their memory, and they will remember Albuquerque as someplace special and spread the word to their friends."

Ed Brown
Taxi Driver, Albuquerque Cab Company

"Without tourism, cab drivers wouldn't be able to make a living. Cabs are a vital part of the Albuquerque community and when travelers come to our great city they support many local businesses because we are able to take them anywhere they want to go! Whether visitors want to go out to dinner, go shopping, visit Old Town, or take a ride on the Tram, a cab provides them on-call transportation. I enjoy showing visitors what our city has to offer. This is my livelihood and tourism in Albuquerque ensures my employer can continue to employ drivers, which means I can continue to provide for my family."

Jesse Herron
co-owner Albuquerque Trolley Co.

"ABQ Trolley Co. was started in 2009 to provide a much-needed sightseeing opportunity to visitors. The company was founded on the belief that Albuquerque had a strong tourism industry and that a city tour company was a component of the visitor experience that was desperately missing. The success of our company depends solely on out-of-towners; there would be no 'two guys and a trolley' without tourists. We love them!"