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Provide excellent service

Customers most often remember their experience beyond the product or service they purchase. To acquire and maintain your competitive edge, customer service must be a top priority. If you don't already have a customer-centric environment, create one! If you have one, strive to make it better.

"Although your customers won't love you if you give bad service, your competitors will!"

Kate Zabriskie

ACVB can help. ACE (Albuquerque Concierge Excellence) is a 3-hour training developed by ACVB to educate your employees about the wonders of Albuquerque for the visitors and locals alike. We explore the attractions, culture, heritage and unique opportunities Albuquerque offers.

Then we delve into the value and rewards for providing excellent customer service. For a nominal fee, your staff will be energized by discovering their unique community.

Regardless of your training resource, excellent customer service is going to help lead Albuquerque to become a world-class destination!