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Bring Your Meeting Home

A Call to Action for Albuquerqueans

In order to sustain Albuquerque's $2 billion dollar a year tourism and travel industry, the support of local residents is imperative. The tourism and travel industry has taken on a new initiative to reach out to locals in Albuquerque, requesting they become "ambassadors" of their home city.

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Easier than you think…

ACVB books more than 350 meetings a year on average. Imagine what we could do with the support of the local community! The logical question is how does this work? Locations for most events, conventions, and meetings are decided by someone's mere suggestion and the host destination ultimately reaps the benefits. Locals are encouraged to become ambassadors of these events, conventions, and meetings. The bonus is that those who bring the meetings and conventions to Albuquerque no longer have to do it alone.

This effort unquestionably generates economic impact for Albuquerque. Currently, the meeting industry is responsible for $60 million in direct spending to the local economy each year. Here are several examples of locals who belong to a specific association for leisure purposes or is a member of a professional organization who has assisted in generating tourism dollars.

  1. D'Nienne (Dee Dee) Hatch-Sanders, helped attract Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., which had a direct spending of $669,200.
  2. Jim Tilley, helped secure the US Youth Soccer regional tournament, which had a direct spending of $4,350,000.
  3. Brenda Yager and Winston Brooks, helped draw the Council of the Great City Schools to the area in 2013. This meeting is expected to bring a direct spending of $385,700.
  4. Rick Miller and Rich Ceronie attracted USA Track & Field Masters and USA Track & Field Indoor, respectively. The masters brought a direct spending of $371,500 and indoor brought $522,200.
  5. Vicki Clough, Marcel Lucero and Mike Tull worked together to attract the Community Transportation Association of America to Albuquerque, which will bring an expected $2,059,700 in direct spending.
  6. Sarah Holcomb and Benjamin Zimmerman, helped attract the Region VI Pretreatment Association meeting, which expects to bring a direct spending of $135,090.

Going forward, all we ask is this: think about the personal and professional associations or organizations that you belong to. Have they hosted a meeting or convention in Albuquerque? If not, contact the office of your association's president or director and strongly suggest that they consider our destination. If yes, recommend Albuquerque again.

At the very least, contact the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau and alert us if you know of any opportunity. We have specialized individuals who will talk to you about booking and organizing a meeting in Albuquerque.

Last but not least, spread the word to your colleagues, friends and family. All it takes is a little awareness of your potential to become ambassadors for our city, and a small gesture to make it happen. The outcome, with all of us contributing, will have profound effects on this economy.