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Trip Planner

The Visit Albuquerque trip planner can help you to collect information on things to see and do, like golfing, shopping, outdoor activities, as well as events, attractions, and lodging and dining destinations, just to name a few! As you are looking at the information on a page you will notice an "Add To Trip Planner" button. Click the button and this will automatically add the item of interest to your Trip Planner which can then be viewed on the web if saved, printed or emailed. Read More about the Trip Planner.

step one
Add items throughout the site to your Trip Builder. If you have any items showing, you have already started doing this.
step two
Drag items from your itinerary interests (in the left column) to your day planner (in the right column).
step three
Sort your stops for each day by dragging them in the order you want them to appear.
step four
Print details and directions for your trip...oh yeah, and have fun!
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Once you have registered, you have more features available to customize your trip. You can create and store multiple trips, add new stops to any trip, and customize the number of days for each trip. All your trips will be stored and can be easily accessed at any time.
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