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Souvenirs in Albuquerque

Albuquerque souvenir's
From Native American turquoise jewelry to a Native American dream catcher, Albuquerque souvenirs offer quality and value for your money. We took $100 and shopped for classic Albuquerque souvenirs at local stores. See what a great value Albuquerque is:

Andrew Thomas CD - Native American Flute CD$16
Native American Flute CD

New Mexico's Andrew Thomas is world-renowned for his traditional haunting melodies.
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Bottle cap art magnet - Goldie Garcia - Albuquerque Souvenirs$8
Bottle Cap Art Magnet

Albuquerque's Goldie Garcia creates whimsical art using bottle-caps and Popular Culture images like Barbie, Elvis, Frida Kahlo and the Virgin of Guadalupe.
National Hispanic Cultural Center

Turquoise necklace - Native American turquoise jewelry$25
Turquoise Necklace

Purchase Native American turquoise jewelry directly from the artist in Historic Old Town. All vendors must be licensed by the city to sell under the portal.
Historic Old Town

Pinon Incense Holder in Horno Oven Shape - Albuquerque Souvenirs $7
Pinon Incense Holder in Horno Oven Shape

Bring the characteristic scent of Pinon firewood home with you with an incense holder in the shape of a traditional Native American wooden outdoor oven.
Aceves Old Town Basket & Rug Shop

New Mexico Pinon Coffee - Albuquerque Souvenirs$2
New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Rich and nutty, specialty flavors like Biscochito and Pinion Chocolate are also available from the New Mexico Pinion Coffee Company.
Aceves Old Town Basket & Rug Shop

Mini Pueblo Pottery Wedding Vase - Native American$3
Mini Pueblo Pottery Wedding Vase

Pueblo artisans paint delicate small pottery pieces.
Skip Maisel's Indian Jewelry and Crafts - Downtown

Free Native American Dream Catcher - Albuquerque Souvenirs

Native American dream catcher

Pick up a coupon at the Visitor Information Center for a free Native American dream catcher with any purchase.
Skip Maisel's Indian Jewelry and Crafts - Downtown

Punched-Tin Matchbox Cover - Albuquerque Souvenirs$14
Wooden Box from Morocco - Albuquerque Souvenirs

Punched-tin is a traditional New Mexico craft available in many objects like frames and candle holders.
Sumner & Dene Creations in Art - Downtown

Wooden Box$12
Wooden Box from Morocco

Explore different arts and cultures from around the world.
Old World Imports - Nob Hill

Chile & Salsa Products - Albuquerque Souvenirs$2-5
Chile & Salsa Products

Enjoy authentic New Mexican flavor with a variety of salsas, red or green chile sauces, canned diced green chiles or if you don't want to bring liquids try chile powder or dehydrated Green Chile Stew. Wide varieties available at area grocery stores and other stores throughout the city.

Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Pin$5
Balloon Pin

Balloonists collect pins and display them on their hats and jackets. Commemorate your favorite Hot Air Balloon.
Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum

Albuquerque Isotopes Pendant$6
Albuquerque Isotopes Pendant

The Albuquerque Isotopes were named after a Simpsons episode and have very popular apparel due to their unique logo.
Albuquerque Isotopes Baseball Club