Fill Your Days with Cheap Activities in Albuquerque!

Albuquerque offers many inexpensive vacation and staycation opportunities that will help keep your getaways within budget. All activities below are $10 and under.

Museums and Cultural & Historical Centers ACVB_BF_museum

Exploring Albuquerque’s history and culture is affordable and illuminating. Check out these seven great – and inexpensive – vacation ideas.

For more information, please visit Museums & Cultural Centers.

ACVB_EC_apeNature Centers, Gardens and Zoos

Enjoying nature and wildlife in and around Albuquerque is both fun and easy on the pocketbook.

For more information, visit Zoos & Nature Centers. Of course, it's free to admire and enjoy Albuquerque's incredible scenery; you can take part in outdoor activities throughout the year. 

Plays & Performances 

Albuquerque's rich theater scene includes many affordable nights out on the town. Theatrical and artistic events throughout the year provide low-cost or free opportunities to admire the city's creativity. Find out more about plays and performances and events.

Sightseeing & Guided Tours

Tours of Old Town are $10; more information is at Tours & Sightseeing.

Spectator Sports 

Tickets to Albuquerque Isotopes baseball games start at $7. Find out more about ABQ's spectator sports.

Wine Tasting

Even wine tasting is affordable in Albuquerque. Visit these three wineries, each for $6 or less.

Prices are based on one adult admission and are subject to change.