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ACVB's Ads

Visit Albuquerque's award-winning advertising campaign was created by McKee Wallwork Cleveland in collaboration with Visit Albuquerque staff. The campaign features design elements of punched tin, tooled leather, Native American pottery and carved wood crafted by Albuquerque artists.
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Leisure Print Ads

Visit Albuquerque wow there's a mountain ad
"Wow, There's A Mountain"
2006 Bronze HSMAI Adrian Award Winner
2006 Gold NM Ad Fed Addy Winner
Visit Albuquerque wow there's a mountain ad- horizontal
"Wow, There's A Mountain"
Visit Albuquerque ad newspaper insert
"When you see the word Albuquerque, what comes to mind? Other than 'Wow, That's a lot of Qs.' " 
(Four-Page Newspaper Insert)
Visit Albuquerque leather ad hey let's do that again
"Hey Let's Do That Again."
2006 Silver Addy Winner
Visit Albuquerque golf ad
"At High Altitude, the golf ball travels farther. That's Farther. Not Straighter."

Visit Albuquerque leisure pottery ad
"Given the longevity of the different cultures here, perhaps you should plan to extend your stay."

Visit Albuquerque ad pottery 
"How does taking home thousands of years of history and culture as a souvenir sound?"
(Four-page Newspaper Insert)

"A memorable vacation starts with experiences worth looking back on."
(Eight-page Newspaper Insert)
"Those who preserve history best are those who live it."
"Those who preserve history best are those who live it."
"When was the last time you actually saw history being made?"
(Eight-page Newspaper Insert)
"Our culture is so rich, we though experiencing it should be inexpensive."
(Six-page Newspaper Insert)

Leisure Online Banner Ads

Immerse yourself in the local culture 300x250
Immerse yourself in the local culture video 300x250 

Leisure Video Pre-Roll Ads


Convention Sales Print Ads

Visit Albuquerque convention sales ad
"Vibrant meetings are even better in our rich culture."
Have you ever left a meeting saying, "They just gave me too much personal service"?
Just how many reasons do you need for choosing your meeting location?
Religious market

Convention sales golf ad Visit Albuquerque
"At our altitude, golf balls go farther. Not surprisingly, so do meetings."

"In your lifetime you might plan a hundred conventions. Shouldn't one of them make you think, "This is different"?"
"When you come here you'll realize we're a bit different. When you leave you'll realize you're a bit different."

Convention Sales Email and Online Banner Ads

Book your meeting now to win a FREE immersion experience

Book your meeting now to win a FREE immersion experience!