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2014 Annual Luncheon Recap


Thank you to all who joined us on June 10 for Visit Albuquerque's 2014 Annual Luncheon! Please enjoy the slideshow above of responses that were left on the tables via our #AdvanceABQ comment cards (or you can read the full list below).

Below are the two videos that were featured during the luncheon, one showcasing exciting partner news and advancements as well as another outlining the exciting achievements and successes of the Visit Albuquerque in FY14.


2014 Visit Albuquerque YEAR IN REVIEW 

#AdvanceABQ Card Reponses

"A destination city, with a positive support system in our community to drive special events and attractions. Keep Momentum where it is needed."

- Taylor Dugger

"retain its history and cultural authenticity while providing a modern, clean, and safe city"

- Unknown

"a must-visit destination. A place that is unlike any other through the growth of unique businesses and attractions available."

- Lauren Mestas / Casa Rondena Winery

"the hip and safe place to be. Truly the Land of Enchantment"

- Kathy Moore

"cultural and art center - downtown revitalization - destination place"

- unknown

"a green, clean, modern city that showcases our local culture and excellence while retaining a healthy supportive sense of community for all."

- Timothy Hurst

"a destination for business and pleasure, a place of spirituality and serenity, but also a place for adventure and networking for the entire family."

- DeAnna Armijo / Casa Rondena Winery

"a top destination and a surprisingly wonderful place to visit beautiful vineyards and great NM wines - specifically ‘Casa Rondena Winery'"

- Melanie Armijo / Casa Rondena Winery

"Not in Mexico! Where all the nice people are / Sustainable"

- Jen

"One of the cities that is one everyone's bucket list"

- Unknown

"'The' destination for each and every convention and meeting to have their conference/meeting in Albuquerque (at least) once."

- Cecilia Marquez / AHCC / C&T Dept

"a place where people are proud to live and work"

- Elise Rogers

"a vibrant city that inspires residents and tourists alike."

- Mikaela

"5 times better! Savvy individuals understand the dynamics and potential of ABQ and respond accordingly."

- Unknown

"One of the leading convention markets in the Southwest."

- Larry Atchison

"The #1 U.S. destination in the top 5 list"

- Unknown

"a creative cauldron bubbling with new projects."

- Denise

"a true gem of the Southwest!"

- Barbara Marcus

"the leader in outdoor tourism"

- Larry Atchison

"a destination with an attractive, safe downtown with great shopping, restaurants, and attractions."

- Janice Pomeroy

"the happening place that it is."

- Audrey

"a not-so-secret secret - with great weather and greater people."

- Kelly

"a well-known destination that has made improvements to enhance the visitor experience, while maintaining all that makes it a destination like no other."

- Heather

"a quintessential stop on any international traveler's U.S. itinerary."

- Kristy

"a place people can appreciate our downtown."

- Unknown

"having a cool downtown that is full of life - even on the weekends"

- Erika Swan

"the most fun downtown place to go - ever! Help people who are homeless and live downtown."

- Unknown

"a beautiful, vibrant progressive travel experience."

- Carolyn Fiscaman

"having a vibrant downtown and a city always looking how they can offer cutting edge ideas to new companies as well as visitors. PS. An event center would be great!"

- Unknown

"a cultural destination that provides a local and welcoming feel as the heart of the Southwest."

- Sarah Ortiz

"business gateway to the Southwest."

- Paul Bendinskas

"a stronger community standing and supporting local and state law enforcement!"

- Haleah Todd

"at the top of innovation!"

- Haleah Todd

"major destination for art and culture"

- Unknown

"the premier conference city of the Southwest!"

- David Helgesen - AAV

"Recreation Sports venue!"

- Joyce Montoya - AAV

"Vibrant with lots of entertainment options."

- Unknown

"a trendy, progressive destination for families, meetings, conventions and conferences. ‘The place to be'"

- Laurene J. Barela

"the tourism destination everyone is talking about and wants to visit!"

- Megan G.