On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design is a cultural partnership that celebrates the art of central New Mexico by over 20 partnering organizations. From January through June 2015, public institutions join private galleries to present exhibitions, lectures, performances and educational programming that investigate the diverse art of the greater Albuquerque region. This event places a comprehensive focus on art and design created in the Middle Rio Grande Basin, contemporary to the earliest aesthetic objects created in the region.

January through June 2015

Multiple venues including the Albuquerque Museum, 516 ARTS, Harwood Art Center, KiMo Theatre Gallery, Richard Levy Gallery, National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum, South Broadway Cultural Center, Tamarind Institute, UNM Art Museum and more.


Saturday, January 31
2-5pm @ Albuquerque Museum
6-8pm @ 516 ARTS, Richard Levy Gallery and other Downtown area venues


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"Northern New Mexico is one of America's premier locations for artistic activity, and has been for over a century. Santa Fe is a mecca for collectors, Taos is an historic cradle of innovation and artistic community, and the landscape all around - geological and anthropological - provides one of the most aesthetically inspiring environments in the world. What the world doesn't yet know, however, is that Albuquerque, the region's urban hub, is also its new artistic heart. A center of education (UNM's art department has been one of America's most vibrant for decades) and transportation, Albuquerque has become the new locus for artists themselves, providing affordable space, reasonable employment, ready access to the wider world, and a growing sense of community with other artists and art people. Tomorrow's artists are at work in today's Albuquerque."

- Peter Frank, Associate Editor of Fabrik magazine & art critic for The Huffington Post

"I would imagine that no two people mean the same thing when they are referring to the art of the middle Rio Grande Valley. That's what I like about the [On The Map] project. It brings out all the many types-art that carries on ancient traditions or shocks with the new, art that promotes spirituality or political positions, the sophisticated, the decorative and all points in between. My favorites are the works that generate friction between types. That's where sparks fly."

-Libby Lumpkin, renowned art historian, critic and professor

About On The Map

On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design is a cultural partnership that celebrates the art of central New Mexico by over 20 partnering organizations from January through June 2015.