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  • LouAnn Burnette$575,300.00
  • Wheeler Green$40,740.00
  • Dr. Richard S. Larson$148,096.00


  • Evelyn Petree$1,778,260.00
  • Sharon St. John
  • Martin Plass$294,120.00
  • Suzanne Sbarge$491,400.00
  • Andrea Polli
  • Patty Grodner$81,360.00


  • Ellen Tomberlin$489,000.00

Our National Organization, The Benevolent, Patriotic Order of Does, was contacted by the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2010 asking if we were interested in returning to Albuquerque. I live in the area and I was contacted to start the process in motion. It was easy to get approval from the local New Mexico members to proceed with the plans.

I had a great experience working with the CVB in 2004 and today the CVB is proving to be even better. The Senior Director of Sales, Mr. Larry Atchison, is extremely knowledgeable, and has guided me in the right direction for a very successful meeting. I look forward to working with his staff to bring our group to Albuquerque in 2015.

  • Marilyn Hill$992,700.00

A decision was made to bring the 2014 Southwest Regional Conference of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to Albuquerque in the spring of 2011 after consultation with the National organizing team. The National organizing team is excited to bring the conference to Albuquerque.

Working with the Albuquerque CVB was surprising, fun and easy!

  • Maryhelen Jones$137,407.50

When our group discussed selecting a location for the 2012 Military Libraries Workshop Conference, the Southwest or West was attractive since previous meetings had not gone west of the Mississippi. Albuquerque/New Mexico in December was a natural fit as it offered December sunshine, cultural diversity, red and green cuisine, and a strong historical connection to the military.

The Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau staff has been so easy to work with once our decision was made. They helped our group identify our hotel meeting room and lodging requirements, sent out RFPs for us, set up hotel visit itineraries and explained all of the ACVB services and resources that are available to us. They are phenomenal!


  • Dnienne “DEE-DEE” Hatch-Sanders$669,200.00
  • Jim Tilley$4,350,000.00
  • Brenda Yager$385,700.00
  • Rick Miller371,500.00
  • Rich Ceronie$522,200.00
  • Vicki Clough$2,059,700.00
  • Ben Zimmerman$135,090.00


  • Dr. Osbjorn Pearson$702,810.00
  • Jordon Johnson$661,030.00
  • Charlene Guffey$663,570.00
  • John Flores$54,000.00
  • Jim Garcia$491,100.00
  • Valerie Espinoza$491,100.00


  • Cece Shantzek$2,220,745.00
  • Steven Picha$2,220,745.00
  • Bernadette Jaramillo-Peck$2,927,220.00
  • Kenneth B. Leiting$1,213,200.00
  • Stuart Purviance$254,205.00
  • Paul Tatter$1,474,500.00
  • Patrick Lopez
  • Jotina Trussell
  • James Walther


  • Sandra Allen$1,288,940.00
  • Debra Halsey$232,020.00
  • Aldo Zagonel-Santos$269,055.00
  • Len Malczynski
  • Dr. Annalisa Behnken$117,522.00
  • Molly McGrath$247,970.00
  • Eric Whitmore$501,000.00
  • Claudia Valdes
  • Jack McGowan$108,000.00


  • Dr. Kenneth P. Miller$556,100.00
  • Dr. Lisa Grover$1,872,700.00
  • Gregory A. Webb, MPA$1,762,800.00
  • Michael Morris
  • John Ellis$825,620.00
  • Mark Henry$793,812.00
  • Matt Henry
  • Amy Unthank$292,230.00
  • Pat & Mark Hopkins$1,524,300.00
  • Dr. Phillip A. May$166,550.00
  • Fred Mondragon
  • Jeff Siembieda
  • Dennis Latta
  • John Traub


  • Col. Steve “Mac” Isaac$556,100.00
  • Dianna Valdez$1,158,800.00
  • Laura Kesselman$722,272.00
  • John Cleveland$517,590.00
  • Larry Cisneros$4,674,585.00
  • Gen. Kenny C. Montoya$516,700.00
  • Dr. Elizabeth Szalay
  • Jacqueline Buchanan$1,213,200.00
  • Bobbie Griffin$246,780.00
  • Toby Tolley$374,000.00


  • Linda Grilli$237,680.00
  • Cindy Nugent$261,150.00
  • Dr. C. Mack Sewell, Ph, MS$287,760.00
  • Det. Patricia Paiz$394,000.00
  • Sandy Zuschlag (Parks & Rec.)$6,110,100.00
  • Paul Smith
  • Louise Scherffius$574,840.00
  • Geraldine McBroom, Ph.D.
  • Maresa Thompson$257,450.00
  • Kathy Shores$408,878.80
  • Ed Tanuz$399,375.00
  • Rafael Gutierrez


  • Bill Cordova$2,923,180.00
  • Russ Fisher-Ives
  • Prof. Joseph Stewart Jr.$250,150.00
  • Gilbert K. St. Clair, Ph.D.
  • Mr. Gene Wolf$1,025,810.00
  • Mr. Chris Hickman
  • Mark Koski$1,023,899.00

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