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Backroad Wrangler


A forgotten ruin stands haunted by the voices of the past. Scenic views that stretch forever. The playful laughter of a hidden waterfall; the descending tremolo of a canyon wren. Layers of petroglyphs etched in red sandstone, or sacred kachina masks painted long ago in a tiny cave. Hear the piercing bugle of a bull elk in the crisp fall air or capture wild mustangs, for a moment, in the remote chaparral. Come witness the complexity of Hispanic culture through a monumental fresco or the intricacy of the Southwest Pieta.

The real New Mexico awaits you! Completely private or step-on tours available, by the day or by the hour, customized for you. Special metro rate $25 per hour.

  • Credit Cards: Accepted
  • Days Open: Daily
  • Hours of Operation: By Appointment
  • Pet Friendly: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Limited