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This April, don’t miss the new work produced for Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company, made in collaboration among the company’s Artistic Director Joaquín Encinias, Choreographer Marisol Encinias, Theater Director Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez, Flamenco musicians Ángel Ruiz and Vicente Griego, and Son Jarocho musician Sinuhé Padilla.

$55, $65, $75, $85, & $95 w/ a $5 discount for seniors, students’ w/Id, children 12 years old and younger and MHCC members

YJASTROS is the only U.S.-based flamenco company to be invited to perform in the renowned Festival de Jerez, in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain with the help of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. The company stems from a deep tradition of flamenco practice that has developed in New Mexico for nearly a century. Our flamenco practice is authentically flamenco and unabashedly Latino and Mestizo. We celebrate our Indigenous, Spanish, and American roots and cultures. Many of us identify as Latino and BIPOC artists who express and share our life experience through flamenco.

The Spring 2024 Concert season mixes flamenco with related mestizo music and dance forms from the Americas, such as Jarocho. The work draws inspiration from archetypal figures such as La Malinche, the mother of Mexican American mestizos, examining historical depictions of La Malinche, and digging through the layers of her multifaceted portrayal as a mother, traitor, and symbol of mestizaje. This narrative thread serves as a starting point to catalyze discussions of identity and artistic interpretations within the project.

Inspired by the concept of “cosmic mestizaje” put forth by José Vasconcelos Calderón, we investigate how the blending of cultures and peoples has given birth to these vibrant and diverse art forms. This exploration emphasizes and foregrounds the exceptional beauty and cosmic nature of the mestizo identity.

In this work, Yjastros and their artistic collaborators aim to explore the profound musical and cultural similarities between two seemingly distinct but historically related art forms: Son Jarocho and Flamenco. This interdisciplinary endeavor seeks to unravel the shared elements in time, melody, harmony, rhythm, movement, and conventions that exist in both Son Jarocho and Flamenco. Moreover, it delves into how these related art forms encourage individual interpretation while remaining deeply communal in nature, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and community in their practice.

This project is not only entertaining and informative, but also healing and unifying. By acknowledging the similarities and differences between these art forms and the cultures from which they originate, we hope to contribute to the broader conversation on history, cultural diversity, and unity. Ultimately the work endeavors to create a unique and transcendent musical and dance experience that showcases the shared humanity and cosmic essence of Son Jarocho and Flamenco, examining the pain while celebrating the cosmic beauty of mestizaje. Celebrate the beauty of our complex culture and conflicted and tense history through the power, energy, and excitement of Flamenco.