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Whimsical, Wonderful, and a Little Weird

LadyJennD will have her "whimsical, wonderful, and a little weird" collage art hanging up at La Cumbre Brewing for the month of August!
There will be a reception to meet the artist as well as browse her pop up merch on Thursday evening August 11th from 5-9pm.
About the Artist: The “Visual DJ” known as LadyJennD started life as Jennifer DeSantis in 1981 in Waterbury, Connecticut. By taking images and texts from discarded and sometimes forgotten publications, she destroys their original intention, and creates a whole new meaning and context for them to exist. Much like a DJ remixes songs and sounds, LadyJennD as a “Visual DJ”, remixes images and words to create fresh, new, imaginative realms.
She now resides in Albuquerque NM where she has been pursuing her art full time for just over a year!
We hope you will join us at the reception 🙂