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View the Annular Eclipse at the Coronado Historic Site


Join the American Astronomical Society, NASA, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, and others to view this special celestial event!  The site will be open in time for you to find a spot for your chairs and enjoy the spectical.


An annular eclipse is when the moon fully passes in front of the sun, but a fiery ring extends around its borders.  This hasn’t been visible in central New Mexico since 2012. Learn more about the science of eclipses and how Pueblo people and other communities thought about these events in the past, while learning how to safely view an annular eclipse.


Note: there is NO time during an annular eclipse when it is safe to look directly at the sun. Event participants will have access to filters for safe viewing and be able to create their own pinhole cameras to watch the whole event. 

To find out more, contact:  Marlon Magdalena, Instructional Coordinator:  You can also check out: .  This site also has a link to "How to Safely Watch an Eclipse".