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Traditional Native American Dance: March


Since time immemorial, Pueblo communities have celebrated seasonal cycles through prayer, song, and dance. These dances connect us to our ancestors, community, and traditions while honoring gifts from our Creator. They ensure that life continues and that connections to the past and future are reinforced.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is the only place in North America to offer traditional Native American dances every week year-round, showcasing dance groups from the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, as well as Plains Style, Navajo, Apache, and Hopi dancers.

  • March 3 & 4 Acoma Dance Group (Acoma)
  • March 10 & 11 The White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers (White Mountain Apache)
  • March 17 & 18 The Cellicion Dance Group (Zuni)
  • March 24 & 25 Oak Canyon Dance Group (Jemez)
  • March 31 & April 1 Southern Slam (Zia)