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Tractor Tavern @ Pirate & Viking Summer Bash

AHOY! Calling all landlubbers and seafarin' folks alike. The biggest summer bash of the year is just on the horizon.
Gather 'round the Tractor Tavern for a trove of specials that are sure to wet yer whistle.
Be on the watch... special drink concoctions and chances to win FREE tickets fer two are happening soon!
Save yer'self 25% by stickin' to the code! CODE: GETPLOWED
August 20 & 21, 2022
Venue: Wildlife West Nature Park, Edgewood New Mexico
Saturday hours 12noon - 9pm
Sunday hours 10am - 6pm
*The Bilge Pumps Band (Amphitheater Stage) Fun Songs, music and shanty's
*The Crimson Pirates - Trio
*Mermaid Lagoon - Meet the real mermaids
*Kids Costume Contest at 1pm Sunday (At Viking Stage) Prizes
*Brethren of The Sunken Skull
*THE PIRATES! (Pirate Cove Stage)
*Vikings vs Pirates Water Wars- listen for the HORNS and get to your chosen sides as the water war commences!
""" will get wet!"""
*Joshua The Ventriloquist (Pirate Cove)
*Professor Nichols & Judy Show
*Puppet Stage - show
*Adult Costume Contest Saturday 7:30pm (Pirate Cove Stage) Prizes
*Pirates and all - Dance til 10pm
*Plenty of Free Parking