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Southwest Comedy All-Star Jam


Willie Barcena speaks to every man with his stories of anger management, struggling to understand and accept all religions, coming to grips with his wife leaving him, his quest to win her back and his struggle to raise his three Boys the only way he knows how as a real man.


Juan Villareal AKA – the Latin “Kevin Hart of Comedy” has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. Having toured with and shared the stage with the likes of D.L. Hughley, Carlos Mencia, Cedric The Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and Paul Rodriguez, to name a few, Juan Villareal has added an entire new dimension to the saying “laugh your face off”- (in English and in Spanish).   A natural born storyteller, Villareal has the ability to transport his audience right where he is- from conversations about family life to life on the road with his fellow comedians. Villareal shares his gift and gives us a perfect view from that “ third eye” – that realm of comedy that only the greats, like Redd Fox and Richard Pryor can tap into.   

With just a mic and a mic stand, Villareal creates comedic magic on whatever stage he sets foot on. From BET, where he holds the record of eleven appearances- the most for any comedian on the network (Comedian Lavell Crawford comes in second with nine appearances); to Comedy Central, from Telemundo to Univision, there has not been one area of the industry that has not been introduced to, or fallen in love with the comedic genius of Juan Villareal. 

Anthony “DJ Animal” Garcia (aka The Street King) is a native of Taos, NM, and has been on the air in Albuquerque for 16+ years, most of which have been on Kiss 97.3, both on-air and on the Promotions “Street Team”.  DJ Animal also dabbles in acting and stand-up comedy, (known for Better Call Saul and The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada from Breaking Bad)… he has even opened up for George Lopez & Gabriel Iglesias. So, of course, his childhood dream was to become a movie star. In his free time he enjoys traveling, going to movies and concerts, and of course his Mom’s restaurant!

Tommy Black has carved out quite a reputation for himself as a stand-up comedian. The transition from one of the Southwest’s most highly-regarded radio and nightclub DJs to stand-up comic came easily for Black, who had become known for his quick wit and larger-than-life persona. Before long, he was performing in larger venues in major cities across the Southwest, and opening for some of the most popular acts in comedy. He has since shared the stage w/ Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, and Earthquake