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Something Old. Something NEW.


June 3 - June 30, 22
Reception: Friday, June 3, 5-8pm
OPEN STUDIO: June 13, 11-2pm

Diego Alonso-Garcia, Tommy Bruce, Travis Bruce Black, Beau Carey, Miguel Chavez, sheri crider, Apolo Gomez, Sean Hudson, Leighanne Langwell, Earl McBride, Delilah Montoya, Katie Morales, Kate Thiel, Amanda Dannáe Romero and Josh Stuyvesant

Zendaya’s 2016 track, Something New was just one of 32 songs that sampled TLC’s, Creep. The familiar rifts of that epic 1994 song ripple through popular playlists and our collective memories. Similarly, artists replicate images, colors and subject matters connecting artists and their audiences to their past and present. Who’s to say what’s old or new, especially after the time warp of the two plus pandemic years we have stumbled through.

Please join the artists that occupy the studios of the Sanitary Tortilla Factory (STF) in our first group show of studio artists. The exhibition includes work of legendary, first wave chicana feminist photographer, Delilah Montoya