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SMILE • Earl McBride

Reception: Saturday, June 22, 6–8 pm

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present SMILE, a selection of mixed media
paintings by Earl McBride. These abstract paintings are an expression of
McBride’s personal distress caused by the current political climate.
In SMILE, McBride questions whether smiling really signifies happiness. In an era of
selfies and social media, McBride is not concerned with creating an illusion of
happiness through his paintings but rather confronting the prevalent current of
McBride’s large-scale paintings are bold and impulsive. Using spray paint, lithography
grease pencils, thick oil paint straight from the tube, colored pencil, graphite, gold
and silver dust, and enamel marker, McBride transforms each blank surface into
fields of discordant colors and shapes.
Receiving his bachelor’s degree from Otis College of Art and Design, McBride spent
many years working in art galleries before graduate studies in painting and drawing
at the University of New Mexico. He has exhibited in Los Angeles, Albuquerque,