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Scavenger Hunts of Historic Old Town Albuquerque

 How does the Old Town Scavenger Hunt work? Teams of 1 to 10 players will utilize all of their skills and abilities to solve a challenging series of clues leading them on an exciting 2-hour Scavenger Hunt through Albuquerque's oldest neighborhood. Scavenger Hunts are a fun & memorable family event - and you could win a great prize! But, it's also a great way to learn the history, legends & lore of Old Town in short yet exciting amount of time. Every team will receive a packet of clues at the start of their Hunt that will range from moderately easy to very difficult. Clues will lead you to various locations around Old Town. Once there, you'll need to answer a question about each location, proving that you've found it. Points are given for each correct answer. You'll also receive a list of "Scavenger Hunt" photos to be taken or items to collect along the way to earn bonus points. Players must have a keen eye, a sharp mind and a DIGITAL CAMERA. Clues will require brainpower, teamwork and strategy to solve. You'll navigate with an Old Town Map (provided), research little known facts, visit secret locations and find hidden treasures! Your team will receive all of your clues at the start of your Hunt and your starting time will be recorded. You will have TWO HOURS to complete your Hunt. You can solve the clues in any order you wish. Most teams probably will not solve all of the clues within the two hour time limit. It will be up to your Team to strategize how best to use your time- and each other - to correctly solve as many clues as possible. Do the winners get prizes? Yes. Prizes are awarded for competing "teams". (However, the focus of our events is not on awarding large prizes - it is on providing a fun and memorable experience.)