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Samson Challenge 2024 is a multi-event race to test your strength and endurance. With 11 events to go through such as tire flips, sandbag carry run, sled pull, balance beam , heavy carry and ending the race with a water wade carrying a weighted bag overhead in the pool are just a few of what this race is made of. We have multiple levels from Warrior, (hardest) to Rockstar (65+), there is also a partner race, and a truck pull event, and Junior Samson for ages 5-12 yrs old. Fun for the whole family! This year we are offering a new team option! This annual event hosted by the JCC of Albuquerque sells out each year and last year we had almost 400 competing athletes. June 1st, is when early bird registration opens up on the JCC website. Race day is September 29th, 2024! Don't miss out.