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Flip tires more than twice your weight. Trudge, sweat, and grunt your way to the finish line. Push your limits, test your strength and have a blast along the way with the 5th annual Samson Challenge!

This event is a unique obstacle course combining endurance, strongman, and adventure race activities all in one. Locally produced by the JCC of Greater Albuquerque, this heart pumping challenge is every adrenaline junkie's dream come true.

The Samson Challenge can be taken on competitively - or just for fun - at any fitness level. You can compete as a Warrior, Jock, Not-So-Average Joe/Jane, Masters (50+), and Rock Stars (65+). This year's event will also offer something BRAND NEW - THE PARTNER SAMSON for co-ed jock-level teams of 2! All levels' winners will receive great prizes!

Events include: rowing, tire flips, spartan pull, sandbag carry (with army crawl), tire pull, farmer's carry, hay bale obstacles, overhead lunges with straight leg sit ups, medicine ball toss and a water wade. Samson Event demonstration video will be published soon on the JCC Samson Challenge Facebook Page and our website!

This year we are bringing back our 4th annual Truck Pull. Athletes will pull a truck weighing half-ton for 25 meters and fastest time will win! There are categories for both men & women! Warrior level Samson participants that also participate in the truck pull are eligible for SuperAthlete category, and prizes are awarded to the top three!

JCC is also proud to present our 3rd annual Junior Samson. This special course is designed for young athletes ages 5-14. The kids course has more focus on agility, balance and endurance than just pure strength, and it is always a blast!

Everyone can be Samson Strong!