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Routes' Legends & Lore Haunted Bike Tours


Enjoy a nocturnal bicycle journey through supernatural Albuquerque on this exclusive multimedia tour offered only during Halloween.

Join Routes as we take you off the beaten path and into the dark & supernatural heart of Albuquerque. This bicycle tour experience explores the lurid history, characters, and culture that make our city unique – a community on the edge of the Wild West with roots in ancient cultures and a long history of notorious outlaws and rogues.

We begin by visiting a haunted saloon and calm our nerves with a shot of premium tequila (riders 21+), then pedal on to explore the legends, frontiersmen/women, and some of the spookiest locations in New Mexico with nothing but a lantern & a bicycle light.

Legends & Lore offers the only all-dark, all-real, all-inclusive, and historically-grounded bicycle tour experience in New Mexico. See locations that are only accessible by bicycle! Are there ghosts & terrors along the Rio Grande River? #seeforyourself