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Reflective Presence: The Art of Jesse Littlebird & Jonathan Loretto


This exhibition focuses on the artwork of Jesse Littlebird (Laguna/Kewa Pueblos) and Jonathan Loretto (Walatowa/Koyiti Pueblos) and their processes of traversing home to find new views and understandings of Pueblo places and people. An artist-led project in the IPCC Artists Circle Gallery, the exhibition grounds itself in visual narratives that transport viewers through different layers of consciousness through site-specific bodies of work created by the artists.
Littlebird uses abstraction and connections to ancestral sites to tell painted, layered stories of the land on fabric and in mural-inscribed elements. Loretto creates bobblehead clay storytellers, charcoal drawing, and black & white photography to shift viewers into reminiscent and reflective spaces of land-based narratives.

Rooted in storytelling, Littlebird and Loretto’s artworks offer layered perspectives that transport viewers into new landscapes of personas, memories, and places of being. These artists locate their work in symbols, movement, narratives, and depth rooted in Pueblo understandings—all to give viewers a nuanced experience of traveling through artistic portals. An overarching theme of Pueblo stories embedded in the land nurtures the artists’ relationships to home and provides an immersive visual journey for visitors.