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Quarantine Presents: Phantasmagoria


Quarantine Returns With All New Production:

The Immersive Horror Experience Reinvents Itself

Quarantine Productions is proud to present its latest immersive experience, Phantasmagoria.

“This is a brand new kind of story for us to tell- we took a lot of inspiration from Gothic Horror stories like Dracula,” Shannon Flynn continues. “The audience will enter into Doctor Caligari’s home and then will have to follow particular visitors at the house to uncover the story. Your understanding of what’s going on will be filtered through the lens of the character you’re following, so everyone who sees the show will learn different aspects of the story.”

Quarantine Productions presents: Phantasmagoria opens October 4thand runs through November 2nd. All performances at 5312 Coal Ave SE. Tickets are available at the door, but audiences are encouraged to purchase ahead of time! Tickets: $25.00 (discounts and coupon codes available). For show times and to purchase your tickets, please visit . 575-652-6491 for questions.