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Point of Interest: Ruby Troup


There are tourist traps along the roadside – tacky oases breaking up the monotony between long stretches of highway. These pit stops and rest areas embody the character of the land on which they sit and serve as monuments to the adventures they interrupt. Ruby Troup moved to Santa Fe sight unseen, and has felt like a perpetual tourist ever since. Drawing from a specific personal narrative, Troup uses an intuitive, additive method of construction to create forms that echo the Southwest landscape, atomic age design, and highway kitsch.

In her exhibition, Point of Interest, Troup creates symbolic landmarks as a kind of map, charting the last few years of her life in the high desert. Abstracted from symbols that have a common cultural connotation, these landmarks evoke a sense of a shared experience and invite viewers to consider what they have discovered in their own travels.

Ruby Troup received the SURFACE 2018 Harwood Art Center Solo Exhibition Award, presented annually for artistic excellence, originality of vision and dedication to practice.