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Performance: The Lion in Winter


The Adobe Theater is proud to announce the final production of our 2018 season: The Lion in Winter, by James Goldman, which won a Tony Award for Rosemary Harris as Eleanor and an Academy Award for the film version, starring Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn. 

Directed by Nancy Sellin, this modern-day classic is set at Chinon Castle in 1183 A.D. and the plot concerns the battle royale over the succession of the crown. 

Henry Plantagenet (Peter Kierst) is King of England, but he also has extensive land holdings in France. He had imprisoned his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine (Debi Kierst), for leading a revolt against him 10 years before, but has released her temporarily for the Christmas Court. Their three sons, Richard “Lionheart”( played by Tim Riley), Geoffrey (Josh Blanchard), and John “Lackland” (Owen Danan Martin) vie for the right to succeed Henry. Henry wants John to be the next king and Eleanor wants Richard. Complicating the story is the unresolved marriage of French princess, Alais (Henry’s current mistress played by Victoria Hughes), to Richard and the demands of Alais’ brother, French King Phillip Capet (Austin Embree), to proceed with the marriage or for Henry to give back her dowry, the territory of the Vexin, which is of immense strategic importance to Henry.